V. Zubok, S. Honchar, V. Yermoshyn, G. Karasiuk

Èlektron. model. 2022, 44(3):65-86


As soon as the active phase of war activities against the Russian invaders is over, the issue of recovering Ukraine's critical infrastructure and industrial facilities will become acute. The active introduction of industrial automation and control systems (IACS) has created a bunch of problems, primarily related to cybersecurity. Designing the present-day digital infrastructure of industrial enterprises to ensure their effective cybersecurity is an urgent scientific and applied problem, to solve which it is necessary to provide and periodically update knowledge of architectural and functional features of known platforms for building such systems. The article is devoted to comparative analysis of some well-known platforms.


industrial cybersecurity, cyber protection of IACS, ICS security, information protection, information security management.


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