E.M. Farhadzadeh, A.Z. Muradaliyev, S.A. Abdullayeva

Èlektron. model. 2018, 41(1):55-66


With increase in service life of the equipment and devices of electrical power systems, the expediency the organization of system of maintenance service and restoration of deterioration raises to coordinate to their technical condition. In turn, there is a necessity of a quantitative estimation of parameters of individual reliability. In connection with that, data on refusals and defects of concrete objects absent, in practice the generalized parameters of reliability are calculated. The intuitive understanding of the various importances of versions of attributes, is spent by classification of statistical data on some versions of attributes. For example, their classification on a class of a pressure, a design, service life, etc. thus a question on expediency of classification of statistical data is not considered. Initial assumptions of known methods and criteria of check of expediency of classification of statistical data of operation of the equipment and devices of electrical power systems in a greater part of cases are unacceptable, since are not peculiar to this data set. The new method and algorithm of an estimation of expediency of classification of statistical data is developed. Novelty consists in application fiduciary distributions for an estimation of critical values of sample and set of multivariate statistical data.


parameters of reliability, a version of attributes, classification, expediency, risk of the erroneous decision.


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