Electronic modeling

Vol 42, No 4 (2020)


Mathematical Modeling and Computation Methods

  G.О. Kravtsov, А.N. Prymushko, V.І. Koshell
Combined Autoregressive-Neural Network Method for Predicting Time Series

  A.L. Berezkin
Model of Electromagnetic Field Formation in Closed Space Conditions, Analysis of Factors Influencing its Formation


Application of Modeling Methods and Facilities

  Yu.O. Kyrylenko, I.P. Kameneva, A.V. Iatsyshyn, O.O. Popov, V.O. Artemchuk, V.O. Kovach
Analysis of Consequences Modeling Tools of Radiation Accidents and Incidents with Spills of Liquid Radioactive Substances

  Yu.M. Zaporozhets, A.V. Ivanov, Yu.P. Kondratenko, V.M. Tsurkin
Computer Models for Mode Control of Electric Current Treatment of Melts at Specified Quality Criteriafor Cast Products. P. II.

  I.A. Pilkevych, O.S. Boychenko, I.V. Humeniuk
Improvimg the Method of Developing a Logic-Probabilistic Model of an Internal Violator

  A.P. Safonyk, I.M. Targoniy, I.M. Hrytsiuk
Development and Research of the Electromagnetic Installation for Purification of Process Water from Ferromagnetic Impurities as an Object of Automation

  Yu.D. Polissky
Algorithm for Transforming Representations of Numbers in Systems of Residual Classes