A.O. Liepatiev, I.V. Pletyanyi, V.D. Samoilov

Èlektron. model. 2023, 45(6):102-116



This article introduces the manual procedure for constructing a mnemonic diagram, delineating its workflow into seven distinct subprocesses. It furnishes a detailed account and organizational framework for four of these subprocesses. Additionally, a technological methodology for assessing the development of exercise classes is explicated, accompanied by the presentation of the algorithm governing the evaluation process. Formulas for computing both the average and total execution times of the workflow are explicitly formulated. An algorithm for implementing the experimental workflow, integral to time calculation, is devised. The article also outlines an automated workflow for mnemonic construction. A comparative analysis of the manual and automated work processes is conducted, evaluating the total time expenditures of both methods to discern their respective efficacies.


simulator for training personnel of energy companies, training sessions, functional cost analysis, distribution network model.


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