VOL 36, NO 5(2014)

Electronic Modeling

VOL 36, NO 5 (2014)


Mathematical Modeling and Computation Methods

  ARISTOV V.V. Integro-Algorithmic Method for Computation the Matrix Logarithm with Arbitrary Accuracy 3-16
  IVANOV I.L. Regulation of Power Systems under Impulse Perturbations 17-26 
  DOMBROVSKYI V.V., SMAKOVSKYI D.S., SMAKOVSKA A.N. Modeling of Heat Transfer Processes with the Areas of Significant Gradients of Solution with the Help of Nested Adaptive Grids 27-36 

Informational Technologies

  MELIKOV A.Z., FATTAKHOVA M.I., VELIDJANOVA G.M. Method to Calculate the Parameters of Integral Cellular Communication Networks with Isolated Partition of Channels 37-48 

Computational Processes and Systems

  KALINOVSKY Ya.A., TURENKO A.S., BOYARINOVA Yu.Ye., KHITSKO Ya.V. Research of Computing Operations in Hypercomplex Number System of Antiquaternions 49-66 

Application of Modelling Methods and Facilities

  YEVDOKIMOV V.F., PETRUSHENKO E.I. Integral Model of Three-Dimensional Distribution of Eddy Flows in Continuous Casting of Round Cross-Section under Electromagnetic Stirring in Vertical MCC I 67-80 
  KRYZHANIVSKYY V.B. Optimization of Placement of Discrete Sources of Physical Field Described by Mixed Boundary Problem 81-94 
  CHEMERYS V.T., BORODIY I.A., MARINCHENKO A.Ye. Simulation of the Pulsed Electric Current Passage across the Contact Surfaces of Multilayer Electrical Conductivity 95-106 
  DOLGIN V.P., DOLGIN I.V. Quadrant-Criterion of Stability of Dynamic Systems 107-114 

Short Notes

  MAMEDOV R.K., IMANOVA U.G. Increasing the Reliability of Decision-making in Pattern Recognition 115-121