T.M. Herei, V.I. Bukovetskyi, T.V. Matovka, V.M. Rizak

Èlektron. model. 2022, 44(6):86-101


The object of this study is software for analyzing network traffic. The analysis of the most popular packet analyzers shows that most of them require significant technical skills and experience in working with network traffic from the user. Some of them have a complex and difficult to perceive graphical user interface. Therefore, an application was developed that is easy to use, has sufficient functionality for quick analysis and requires a minimum of system resources.

The program works with a command line interface. The application allows the user to conduct an initial analysis of a network traffic file with the *.pcap extension. The main functions of the program include: viewing the IP and MAC addresses available in the file; displaying packet exchange between two hosts; viewing all packages for a certain period of time; viewing services to which connections were made. The created application will allow users even without professional training to conduct a basic analysis of intercepted network traffic.


computer network, sniffing, traffic analyzer, Python.


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