V.V. Stanytsina, V.O. Artemchuk

Èlektron. model. 2022, 44(6):48-68


Energy efficiency is one of the critical areas of ensuring sustainable development. One of the promising technologies in this context is heat pump technology for heat supply. Such technologies have been widely implemented in the EU for several decades. At the same time, very few projects with powerful heat pumps have been implemented in Ukraine, which is explained by their high cost. However, given the current energy resource prices, Ukraine's heat pumps are already becoming competitive. The paper examines the Levelized cost of heat energy from systems with heat pumps of the "soil-water" and "air-water" types and a gas boiler house at various discount rates and prices for electricity and natural gas. It is shown that domestically produced ground source heat pumps are primarily competitive.


heat energy, heat pump, heat supply, cost price, gas boiler house.


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