V.V. Sapozhnikov, V.Vl. Sapozhnikov, D.V. Efanov

Èlektron. model. 2020, 42(2):03-24


The main study results of the testing methods development for combinational circuits based on the properties of the codes focused on the errors detection of certain types and multiplicities are described. It is established that when using classical sum codes (Berger's code) and a number of their modifications when organizing checking of combinational circuits, it is possible to use the features of detecting unidirectional and some non-unidirectional errors in data vectors. It is shown that it is possible to search for such output’s groups on which only symmetrical errors occur due to single-error of the circuit internal structural elements. Such output groups are called symmetrically independent (SI-groups) outputs. The combinational circuit outputs group belonging conditions to the outputs SI-groups are determined. It is shown that each outputs SI-group can be controlled using a separate check subsystem based on a code with the detection of any asymmetric errors (and any asymmetric errors to certain multiplicities). Methods are proposed for searching for outputs SI-groups in combinational circuits organizing control. Particular attention is paid to the faults control at the combinational circuit’s inputs.


combinational circuit, self-checking structure, unidirectional, symmetrical, asymmetrical errors, symmetrically-independent outputs groups.


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