V.V. Honcharov, O.O. Chorny, I.S Skarga-Bandurova, V.D. Samoylov

Èlektron. model. 2021, 44(1):81-92


Prototypes are obtained by implanting Cr, Mo, Ti ions in 12Cr18Ni10Ti stainless steel in two modes. The microstructure is studied by optical microscopy. The average surface roughness, waviness and roughness coefficient are determined and their dependence on the doping dose is shown. Simulation of ion penetration into the material is performed using SRIM and RIO programs. Concentration profiles of ion distribution are given. Using the models, projected runs, sputtering coefficients and spray layer thickness are calculated. It is shown that the sputtering coefficients depend on the ion run, and the thickness of the sputtered layer depends on the doping dose. The difference in ion distribution profiles between SRIM and RIO programs is shown. Using RIO, simulation of titanium ion implantation with an energy of 1 keV is performed and the formation of a nanoscale surface film is established. It is shown that RIO software, in contrast to SRIM, allows to take into account the processes that occur simultaneously with implantation and affect the final result of surface characteristics (roughness, ripples).


computer simulation, ion implantation, ions, modification.


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