Stochastic Model Predictive Control for Hybrid Energy Systems

A. Gienger, PhD student, J. Sachs, PhD,
O. Sawodny, Professor
Institute for System Dynamics, University of Stuttgart
(Waldburgstr. 17/19, 70563 Stuttgart, Germany)
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Èlektron. model. 2017, 39(1):39-50


Microgrids are a promising approach for the integration of renewable energy sources in existing networks and the energy supply of rural areas. A cost effective option for a microgrid is given by a hybrid energy system, which combines e.g. diesel generators, photovoltaic panels and batteries as considered in this paper. However, the interaction of the components and uncertainties in the load demand and photovoltaic power make the controller design challenging. This paper discusses a Stochastic Model Predictive Control approach which yields promising results regarding effectiveness and reliability as shown in a simulation study.


microgrid, hybrid energy system, optimal energy dispatch, Stochastic Model Predictive Control.


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