Materials consideration

Inner and independent outer reviewing is foreseen to provide high level of the journal papers, after that the Editorial Board takes decision about the paper publication.

The paper received by he author for revision after the reviewing should be returned to the Editorial Office with the answer to a reviewer where the author has to write which remarks were taken into account. In case of disagreement with a reviewer the author should present a well-reasoned answer which will be considered by the Editorial Board. The decision of the Editorial Board is final. The paper is revised no more than for a month.

When receiving the page-proof the author must correct urgently only mistakes (distinctly, using a pen: to delete something wrong and to write a correct variant on the margin) and send the paper back to the Editorial Office or inform about corrections by E-mail.

In the case of delay the Editorial Board, keeping the schedule, reserves the right to send the page-proof to the printing-house (for production) without the author's proof-reading.