Journal Topics

The journal Electronic Modeling publishes the articles, containing new scientific results in the field of mathematical and computer modeling, as follows:

  • Mathematical Modeling and Computational Methods

    • Development of mathematical models of processes and/or facilities in power engineering and other scientific and technological fields; development and/or use of numerical methods for solving the problems associated with the implementation of mathematical models.
  • Informational Technologies

    • Development and/or use of informational technologies for solving problems of modeling, computer security, including the security of data used in modeling.
  • Computational Processes and Systems

    • Creating computer models to suit: formation of the computational environment; realization of mathematical models in multimachine, multiprocessor systems, in the GRID based on the use of cloud calculations, graphic cards, PLIC, etc.
  • Parallel Computations

    • Parallelization of computations and evaluation of their efficiency.
  • Application of modeling methods and facilities

Content of the articles is sent to the journal must correspond to the requirements of the journal's subjects and scientific level

Internal review, independent external review is provided to ensure a high level of the journal, after that the decision to publish the article is made by the Editorial Board.