V.T. Chemerys, I.A. Borodiy

Èlektron. model. 2017, 39(2):103-112


Equivalent parameters have been determined of multilayer periodic medium, consisting of alternating layers of ferromagnetic and non-magnetic dielectric that is necessary for simulation of wave processes of non-stationary electromagnetic field propagation in the cross section of thin-laminated magnetic cores. The medium of core is considered as composite with periodic positions of ferromagnetic layers and non-ferromagnetic insulating layers. As a result of layers properties averaging the medium acquires the transversal-isotropic properties. Application of procedures for averaging of partial magnetic fluxes of adjacent layers along the cross section of elementary cell of the core gave a possibility to obtain the equivalent meanings of diffusion coefficient and wave propagation velocity of electromagnetic field which can be used for solution of the wave equation for the isotropic medium which is a model of original multi-layer periodic


thin-laminated magnetic core, periodic structure, cross section, elementary cell, magnetic fluxes, averaging procedures, wave propagation.


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