V.S. Podgurenko, Yu. G. Kutsan, O.M. Getmanets, V.E.Terekhov

Èlektron. model. 2022, 44(4):64-78



The lack of information about the real results of the wind farms industrial operation in Ukraine, the existing tendency to hide the main technical characteristics of installed multi-megawatt wind turbines and their cost, creates insurmountable difficulties in evaluating their operation results. Based on studies of the evolution of the main parameters of wind turbines and the average (worldwide) cost of 1 MW of their rated power, original linear mathematical models are proposed for the first time, which allow determining the cost of wind turbines with given main parameters (rated power, diameter of the rotor and hub height) for any year of the study. With the use of previously developed and tested mathematical models of the annual electricity production of wind turbines of various power series in the wind and climate conditions of the Northern Black Sea region, the cost indicators of wind farms of Ukraine for 2021 were determined and their comparison with the indicators of the world's leading countries in wind energy was done.


annual energy production, cost, size.


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