V.V. Dolinenko, V.O. Kolyada, E.V. Shapovalov, T.G. Scuba

Èlektron. model. 2018, 38(3):33-46


The paper proposes a method of synthesis and computer modeling of the optimal state controller for automatic control system of MIG/MAG (arc welding in shielding gases) orbital welding root passes. We consider the problem of optimal control of root pass formation with feedback from video-pyrometric sensor, which uses a video of the weld pool in its infrared radiation. Modeling of the system of the weld pool optimal position control at welding with torch transverse oscillations of 1 Hz and 3 Hz has been made.


MIG/MAG welding with transverse electrode oscillations, the root seam, weld pool, the optimal state feedback control.


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