A.O. Taranowski, V.D. Samoylov

Èlektron. model. 2024, 46(2):88-100


The paper considers extending the fundamental possibility of using AI technologies to create test assignments in order to cover the most common types thereof. While outlining the set of AI-based tools available for creating test assignments it substantiates the general approach to creating test assignments using AI technologies whereas the impact of negative factors inherent in them is levelled. The series of experiments undertaken allowed to confirm the possibility of creating the common types of test assignments using AI technologies as substantiated with the AI-based tools available as outlined. Which finally resulted in proposing ready to use prompt templates aimed at creating such types of test assignments as multiple-choice questions (single correct answer and multiple correct answers included), matching tests, sequence restoring tests, and short-answer questions for entering the expected value. Another series of experiments produced an important side effect of supporting prompt template that provides assistance in determining the type of test assignment relevant for an arbitrary text.


artificial intelligence, large language models, knowledge assessment, test assignments.


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