V.V. Рetrov, E.E. Antonov, S.M. Shanoilo

Èlektron. model. 2021, 43(2):03-18


The traditional Fresnel focusing lens concentrates the light intensity in the center of the formed image. However, sometimes it is necessary to convert a parallel light beam into a light circle; such transforming flat Fresnel lenses are often used in signal processing systems. We propose an algorithm for simulation of Fresnel microprismatic structures that form a uniformly illuminated circle in the focal plane. This method is similar to our simulation algorithm previously proposed for creating focusing microprismatic elements with flat annular focusing facets. The proposed structures with a discrete change of refraction angles for transformation of light beams can be easily fabricated by the method of diamond cutting, which allows obtaining the flat conical working surfaces of high optical quality. The size of such prismatic structures should not be too large to reduce the discreteness of the formed images, so the simulation method involves the creation of refractive zones from several identical small microprisms. A modified algorithm for simulating the parameters of transforming lens is proposed, which takes into account the processes of light concentration by the lens and narrowing of light fluxes by microprisms.


Fresnel ring microprisms, light beam concentrator, calculation of refractive zones, simulating microprism parameters, diamond cutting method.


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