V. Zubok

Èlektron. model. 2023, 45(1):98-112



The continuous penetration of information and communication systems into all spheres of life and the widespread use of digital technologies have been called "digital transformation". Systems demonstrate a different ability to effectively resist risks of any origin and nature, adapt to changes in the environment, and maintain sustainable functioning with rapid recovery. Such properties are generally called resilience. If these properties are obtained or enhanced through the use, application and development of digital technologies, they are called digital resilience. To analyze digital resilience, it is suggested to consider digital consumers, digital needs, digital tools and their dependencies. The paper represents a review of some issues caused by Russian aggression and targeted destruction of civil infrastructure, offers examples of dependencies between power energy and digital resilience, and describes digital resilience lessons lessons learned by now.


digital resilience, topology, digital needs, digital tools, cyber social systems, cyber security.


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