A.A. Vladimirsky, I.A. Vladimirsky

Èlektron. model. 2021, 43(4):22-37


Two parametric methods for determining the coordinates of leaks in underground pipelines are presented. The methods are a development of the well-known correlation method for determining the coordinates of leaks in the direction of taking into account complications that introduce a multiplicity of types of waves and damage in conjunction with extraneous interference. Both methods use secondary data processing, namely the processing of correlation functions to determine their quality parameters, which are then maximized. According to the first method, maximization occurs using the spatial displacement of the sensors at the points of access to the pipeline, according to the second method, by choosing the frequency range of signals. For this, the correlation function is provided in the form of a frequency dependence of its quality parameters - power, signal-to-noise ratio, with the display of the corresponding coordinate. Also, the concepts of "coordinate shelf" and its length, which are convenient for analysis, are used. The methods have been practically tested. Both methods are explained with examples.


pipeline, wave, correlation, leak.


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