A.V. Davydiuk, Yu.Ye. Khokhlacheva

Èlektron. model. 2023, 45(4):78-87


The identification of cyber domains is of significant importance for national cybersecurity as it ensures the protection of critical infrastructure, enhances the effectiveness of cyber threat intelligence processes, improves situational awareness, promotes cooperation in the field of cybersecurity, information exchange, efficient response to cyber incidents, and recovery after cyber attacks. It strengthens national defence capabilities and supports the formulation of state policies and regulations. With a comprehensive understanding and ensuring the security of cyber domains at the national level, the country's leadership can effectively counter evolving cyber threats and ensure the resilience and security of its information assets and interests. The research explores the issue of defining cybersecurity domains and cyber domains. Various approaches to defining cybersecurity domains are presented. It is proposed to define cyber domains based on the areas of responsibility and key functions of the main entities involved in ensuring cybersecurity. The implementation of cyber domains will contribute to enhancing the effectiveness of cybersecurity processes in the country.


cybersecurity, critical infrastructure, cyberdefence, cyber domain, national security.


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