Material presentation

Rules of materials presentation to the Editorial Office (Notes for Contributors)

The following materials are presented to the Editorial Office:

  1. Complete electronic version of the article. The article volume (including references, tables and figures) should not exceed 16 pages, review article – 25 pages, brief message is 7 pages.
    To the article is attached: figures and captions (a separate file with figures, made in format TIF, EPS, JPG, GIF and photos (resolution of at least 300 dpi, may be in color). Graphs and diagrams are in the editor Exel. Figures are not allowed in the editor Word. If the figures were made in programs MatCad, MatLab, AutoCad and similar ones, you must convert them to the format EPS or as an exception to TIF with a resolution of at least 300 dpi).
  2. A copy of the first page with the signatures of all authors.
  3. Information about the authors:
    • Information about co-authors, placed in the journal: surname, first name, middle name (in Russian and English), country, locality, academic status, degree, e-mail of one of the co-authors (or all).
    • Additional information of each of the co-authors presented to the Editorial Office: job location, post, business address and phone number (for persons who does not work – home address and phone number). E-mail address for correspondence with the Editorial Board.
    • Information about the authors' research interests, published at the end of the article.
  4. Author's certificate which confirms the intellectual property rights of the authors (co-authors).


(provided to the Editorial Office of each authors/co-authors of article)

I certify that I, ________________________________________________________________________________________________________
the author / co-author of the article am warned of responsibility for the use of copyrighted materials in the article including quotes, reproduced data, illustrations and other materials, and that all responsibility for copyright infringement rests with the author of the article.

I inform that this article has not been published or submitted for publication in periodicals.

By submitting the article to the Editorial Office, I pass the right for its publication and distribution to the Editorial Office and inform that the copyrights of other persons and organizations are not infringed.

The author's signature ________________________________________
First and last name ____________________________________________
Address ______________________________________________________
Place of work (for working) ___________________________________
Tel. ___________________________________________________________
Fax ___________________________________________________________

The article should be sent in electronic form by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..