V.O. Gurieiev, Y.М. Lysenko

Èlektron. model. 2021, 43(2):68-78


The article discusses the theoretical issues of constructing a topological method for assessing the sensitivity to identifying сybersecurity in electrical networks of power systems, the way of modeling the operation modes of individual (selected) subsystems that arise during the operations. The main stages of building an algorithm for modeling the topology of electrical networks and systems are described, methods for generating information models of power supply systems and visualizing simulation results for conditions of occurrence of cybersecurity are proposed and implemented, ways to use the proposed approach to creating a сybersecurity system for electrical networks of power systems and building scenarios for their elimination using the outlined training remote full-scale simulator are marked.


cybersecurity from regimes, modeling cybersecurity, operational switching. scenarios of anti-cybersecurity training.


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