P.H. Krukovskiy, O.Yu. Tadlia, A.I. Deineko, D.I. Sklyarenko, V.S. Oliinyk

Èlektron. model. 2019, 41(3):105-104


It is shown the increased relative humidity of the tunnels of the service connecting branchesIt is shown the increased relative humidity of the tunnels of the service connecting branches(SCB) of the Kiev subway, which during the year from spring to autumn when the air inlets fromthe stations in the SCB tunnels exceeds the normative level of humidity up 75%. It is proposed toreduce the SCB tunnels relative humidity by air inlets in the tunnel from the environment withless absolute humidity than at the stations. The purpose of the work is to test the performance ofthe proposed path to lower the humidity below 75% by simulating the tunnels thermal and humiditystate. The obtained simulation results are confirmed by experimental test in the Kiev subway.


subway, tunnel air, humidity, ventilation, modeling.


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